• Sep182023

    What is “Kaishi” ? Explain it in an easy-to-understand manner, including how to use it

    Among the various tools used in the tea ceremony, we will introduce “Kaishi” this time.   What is Kaishi? “Kaishi”…

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  • Sep082023

    HOSOO | Gallery of the long-established Kyoto brand

    HOSOO, based in Kyoto’s Shijo district, is a venerable weaving company specializing in pre-dyed patterned fabrics. They have created the…

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  • Aug122023

    A shop perfect for going out in a kimono! Lucite Gallery / Lucite Cafe

    This time, I will introduce a perfect place for going out in a kimono. The location is Tokyo’s Yanagibashi. Just…

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  • Jul242023

    Introducing the Main Sweets for Tea Ceremony in June

    Speaking of June, it’s the rainy season. The actual duration of the rainy season varies depending on the year and…

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  • Jul222023

    Introducing July’s main Wagashi enjoyed through the tea ceremony, evoking the feeling of summer.

    In July, many regions experience the end of the rainy season and transition into a more summery climate. With festivals…

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