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  • Oct162023

    Recommended Spot in Kyoto! Introducing Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

    In Kyoto, there are various famous tourist attractions, but have you heard of a place called “Kitano Tenmangu” among them?…

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  • Sep252023

    Kinkaku-ji | Introducing the Charms of a Famous Tourist Attraction!

    Among the many tourist spots in Kyoto, we introduce the highly recognized and popular Kinkaku-ji! We’ll provide information about its…

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  • Sep182023

    What is “Kaishi” ? Explain it in an easy-to-understand manner, including how to use it

    Among the various tools used in the tea ceremony, we will introduce “Kaishi” this time.   What is Kaishi? “Kaishi”…

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  • Sep082023

    HOSOO | Gallery of the long-established Kyoto brand

    HOSOO, based in Kyoto’s Shijo district, is a venerable weaving company specializing in pre-dyed patterned fabrics. They have created the…

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  • Sep032023

    Do you all know Japan’s Three biggest Grand Tea ceremony’s event?

    Do you all know about the “Three biggest Grand Tea ceremony” held within Japan? Just as Japan has the Three…

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  • Aug122023

    A shop perfect for going out in a kimono! Lucite Gallery / Lucite Cafe

    This time, I will introduce a perfect place for going out in a kimono. The location is Tokyo’s Yanagibashi. Just…

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  • Jul252023

    Let’s take a walk along Horikawa Imadegawa (Ogawa Street), the heart of the Japanese tea ceremony

    Today, I’ll introduce Horikawa Imadegawa. If you’re taking the train, the nearest station is Imadegawa Station, but this area is…

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  • Jul242023

    Introducing the Main Sweets for Tea Ceremony in June

    Speaking of June, it’s the rainy season. The actual duration of the rainy season varies depending on the year and…

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  • Jul242023

    A Must-Try! Introducing the Allure of Antique Kimono

    Do you know about “Antique Kimono”? Let me introduce you to the charm of these vintage kimono, which have a…

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  • Jul232023

    Tracing the History of Tea Ceremony: Tea and Sen no Rikyū

    When you become interested in the art of tea ceremony, you might naturally want to learn about how it originated…

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